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Feliway® Spray


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Product Description

Feliway is a synthetic analogue of the feline facial pheromone. It aids in calming cats during travel or hospitalization, when moving to a new home, or when introducing a new cat into a multi-cat household. The spray calms cats in stressful situations such as transport, hospitalization, and during adjustment to new environments, new pets, and new people.

Product Information
Manufactured for CEVA Animal Health.
Active Ingredients
Analogue of Feline Facial Pheromone
Directions for User
Simply spray 8-10 pumps of Feliway on doorways, cat-flaps, furniture and other objects around the house that your cat may be tempted to mark. The effects of the spray last 4-5 hours, re-apply as needed until the behavior stops. For areas that your cat has already marked, thoroughly clean the area first, then spray Feliway where you cat likes to mark. Use Feliway Spray in the cat carrier to help comfort your cat anytime you travel or go to the veterinarian.
Special Precautions
Do not spray directly on cat. Store at room temperature. Feliway spray will not stain or mark but it is advised that you should test the product on a sample that is not easily visible prior to using it.
Shipping Information
This product must be shipped via GROUND transport only.